People Search in Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search now lets you perform people search within your organization. You can search for any person across the whole channel with just a simple query search. These queries include Person’s name, phone number, email, role, location, or status. You can also perform query searches based on any information you have like “Ricky Lead Designer”.

If your query matches the profile of the person, the result will be available to you. You can then click on the search result and get the full information of the person.

Who’s impacted?

Workspace Admins, users, and developers 

Why Use It?

It’s hard to find people inside an organization especially when you don’t know who the right person is to talk to regarding a certain issue. For example, if you want to search for a person named John, the might be multiple people named John within the organization. With this new update, you can find that specific John by extending your keyword search like – “John the mayor” and so on.

Roll Out Pace

Available to admins, users, and developers


  • Available to Workspace Business Plus users, Enterprise Standard users, Enterprise Plus users, and Education Plus customers
  • Available to all Google Cloud Search customers 


  • This feature is not available to Google Workspace Essentials users, Business Starter useres, Business Standard users, Enterprise Essentials users, Education Fundamentals users, Frontline useres, and Nonprofits, as well as G Suite Basic users and Business customers

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