New Banners in Google Chat Protect Against Malicious Links

Google is rolling a new update in Google Chat that will let users see banners warning against any potential malware or phishing messages coming from the personal Google accounts of the users. With this update, the warning banners will now appear in Chat which was previously available on Google Drive and Gmail. A red banner will appear in case of any malicious links present in the email. This will help protect users from malicious attacks, and hacks and keep user data safe.

Additional Information

The warning banners in Gmail are displayed while responding to emails sent from any outside organization email. With this update, the Android warning banners are also now visible when you add any external users. This feature can be turned off and on by the admin for their organization.

Getting Started 

  • Admins: No admin action required.

Rollout pace 

  • The gradual rollout starts May 19, 2022, and can take up to 15 days for visibility of the feature.


This feature is available to:

  • Google Workspace Customers
  • Legacy G Suite Basic
  • Business customers 
  • Personal Google Accounts 

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