Indicate Whether You’ll Join a Meeting Virtually or in Person, Now on Gmail

Google introduced RSVP for Calendar invitations in July this year to make Calendar more flexible in hybrid workspace. Google is now adding the functionality of RSVPs in Gmail. With the new RSVP option in Gmail, you can now indicate how you plan to organize the meeting – virtually or in person in a meeting room.

With this update, both the organizer and recipients will see how to other attendees are planning to join the meeting and make decision for themselves. This will also help the attendees what to expect when they join the meeting and brace themselves.

 When you select the RSVP option while hosting a meeting, the join method and its details will not be shared to attendees on other platforms like Outlook and Yahoo.

Rollout Time

The update is expected to be fully out within 15 days of its initial release date, November 15 for rapid release domains. For scheduled release domains, the update will start the roll out from November 29, 2021.


The update is available for:

  • All Google Workspace Users
  • G Suite Basic Users
  • Business Users

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