Boxy Suite updates

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Today we’re introducing a new Minimal Mode for Boxy for Gmail. It will make Gmail look much cleaner and more minimal. If you used Boxy and loved the Minimal Theme, you’re gonna enjoy this. You can enable it in Boxy for Gmail’s Preferences (make sure you have the latest version of the app).

Finally, what follows is a list of some of the improvements we did recently.

Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now use the arrow keys to navigate between days/weeks/months in boxy for Calendar
  • You can now Paste and Match Style by pressing CMD+Shift+V instead of CMD+Shift+Alt+V
  • Links now open instantly in Boxy for Gmail (there was a small delay)
  • Calendar is rolling out a design overhaul, and we already updated our theme to support it
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from logging in to the apps (a popup gave an error Failed to map data to decodable object)
  • Fixed a major issue in Gmail which reflected in Boxy for Gmail as well, where the top part of the webapp would get cut out when expanding messages in long threads
  • Fixed Meet links opening twice when clicked in Boxy for Calendar
  • We improved the “Subscription expired” popup, you can now logout and sign in with another account

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