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I’m really, really, excited to write this first little post on our brand new Boxy Team Blog. I’ve actually been writing for years when I had a blog of my own, where I used to write about tech, filmmaking and other things. I even hosted a podcast for some time, when I was still a student. But let’s stay on point.

A brief introduction in case you don’t know us: I’m Fabrizio, the Designer, and Francesco is the Developer. We’ve started working together after chatting on Twitter about how cool it would have been to create an Inbox by Gmail client for Mac, in late 2015. After deciding to give it a shot, and months of work on the apps, we launched without great hopes. To our surprise, Boxy got more that 1400 upvotes on Product Hunt, and me and Francesco still hadn’t ever even met in person.

Fast-forward a few years, and we sold Boxy to more than 40.000 people. You never know where a side-project might take you. The app grew from being just a wrapper with a few lines of CSS, to having many features (like a native status bar menu to switch accounts) and thousands of CSS rules to make Inbox look like a Mac app. Boxy was also featured on The VergeLifehackerThe Next Web and more — and you should have seen our faces when these big blogs posted about us.

In the meantime, I moved to Milan, where Francesco was studying and working, so we finally started working side by side. In early 2018, indeed, we started working on a new side-projectBoxy Suite. Even if we had all the experience of working on Boxy, building the Suite has taken much more time and energy — many nights and many weekends for months. That’s also why we’ve launched this blog: we can’t wait to deep dive behind the scenes to tell you how we’ve made these apps and what we’ve learned on this journey, from concept to launch.

Along the way, we’ve made many mistakes and learned a lot, so we want to write about that but also about Gmail power features, macOS tips and tricks, CSS hacks, development in general, lean making and much more. Well, there’s really just A LOT we’d like to write about, we just didn’t have the time so far. So let’s get started.

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