A new blog by the Boxy Team

We’re really, really, excited to write this first little post on our brand new Boxy Team Blog.

Fast-forward a few years, and we sold Boxy to more than 40.000 people. You never know where a side-project might take you. The app grew from being just a wrapper with a few lines of CSS to having many features (like a native status bar menu to switch accounts) and thousands of CSS rules to make Inbox look like a Mac app. Boxy was also featured on The VergeLifehackerThe Next Web, and more — and you should have seen our faces when these big blogs posted about us.

Along the way, we’ve made many mistakes and learned a lot, so we want to write about that but also about Gmail power features, macOS tips and tricks, CSS hacks, development in general, lean making, and much more. Well, there’s really just A LOT we’d like to write about, we just didn’t have the time so far. So let’s get started.

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