Announcing Boxy Suite 2: The Productivity Update

We’ve got a very exciting update for you today! Boxy Suite 2 is here, our biggest update since the original launch. We’ve been working hard to make Boxy Suite more powerful and versatile, following users feedback and adding much requested features.

More than 1500 active users already love Boxy Suite, but we feel like this update brings the Suite closer to our original vision. Gmail, Calendar and now also Keep and Contacts now truly behave like first class macOS citizen.

There are tons of improvements and new features, and Boxy for Gmail is the app that is changing the most. Here’s what’s new:

🚀 Quick Launcher. Boost your productivity with this new powerful feature. Hit CMD+K to quickly change account, navigate between sections (Inbox, Starred, …) and launch task managers

✅ Task Managers integration. You can now quickly create a task in your favorite todo app, linking to the current email. We currently support: Things, OmniFocus, 2Do and Todoist. You can also copy a link to the current email with the new shortcut CMD+Shift+C

🕵️‍♂️ Email Tracking Detection . Boxy Suite will now search for a “tracking pixel” inside the email body, and match its URL to a little database to find out what tool is used to track the email. Read this post to find out more.

⚡️ Instant Account Switching. This is a game changer: switching between accounts is now super fast! We intelligently cache your most recently used accounts and allow you to switch between them instantly.

1️⃣ Global Unread Counts. You will now be able to see at a glance the unread counts for all your accounts from the Quick Launcher (you can show it with CMD+K). Thanks Ryan for the idea!

🔔 Global Notifications. You will now receive notifications for all your accounts, not just the frontmost one.

🌓 New and automatic Dark Mode. Now also the content of your emails will be dark, not only Gmail’s interface. The theme follows your macOS dark mode configuration.

💎 Improved Minimal Mode. We’ve revamped Boxy for Gmail popular Minimal Mode with many tweaks and improvements.

🔗 Open Links in Background. It’s back, find it in Preferences → Interface

The rest of the Suite is getting updated too: revamped Dashboard; tons of fixes in Boxy for Calendar; macOS Dark Mode support; two brand new clients for Keep and Contacts; and much much more!

We think you’re going to love this update. If you’re new, get started with a free trial, and we’re sure you’ll see how much more productive Boxy Suite 2 will make you.

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