To, Cc, and Bcc Fields in Gmail Gets Visual Updates

Google has made lots of important updates and improvements in Gmail over the years. In the most recent update, Google made “To”, “Cc”, and “Bcc” fields more interactive to help users compose emails more confidently and efficiently. Google is always improving Gmail to help new users compose emails with least errors.

New Improvements in Gmail

You’ll notice following new improvements in Gmail with this update:

  • Right click menu that shows recipient’s full details including name, email, editing contact names, and copy email addresses.
  • Recipients avatar chips.
  • Indicators when adding users outside the organization.
  • Better visual indicators when you add users as recipients.

Google states, these update might affect some Chrome extensions. But Google will eventually fix any issues that might occur with this update.

This update will help your connect with your colleagues and organization stakeholders more quickly and confidently. You can now perform these action more easily:

  • View and recipients email addresses
  • Copy email addresses
  • Access users information cards
  • Use keyboard shortcuts more effectively

Control Email Recipients Name

With this update, you get a new option to control the contact name that is displayed to recipients. You can use the menu to change how a receivers name is shown to them. This feature is very cool and Gmail always need this in our opinion. For example, if your contact is saved as “Product Manager”, you can now change it to how it will be displayed the the recipients and the name will only be changed in email, your contact card name remains unchanged.

Better Visual Indicators

Better visual indicators have been added to help users guide while composing emails. Recipients now have unique avatar chips which will help you identify if the person you’ve added is the correct one or not

Highlighting Recipients Outside Organization

Its now more obvious when users outside organization are added to recipients. External recipients that you have interacted before in Gmail are highlighted in a yellow color and recipients that you have not interacted are highlighted with “out of organization” avatar and a warning banner saying “contact is outside your organization and isn’t in your contacts”

Display Change for Domains in Your Organization

With the update, domain names within your organization will not be marked as external. This will help avoid unwanted warning and confusions. For example, users from will not appear as out of organization if added an email from an @adzdata user.

Avoiding Duplicate Recipients

If there are multiple recipients with same name and if you have already added one recipients, it will be marked with tick when you type the same name. Additionally, you will notice a grey tone while hovering over contacts. Gmail will also automatically remove any duplicate entries in “To”, “Cc”, and “Bcc” fields.

Email formatting and Validation

To avoid errors while sending email, Gmail will now validate if email addresses are typed correct format (i.e or not.

Rollout Time

The rollout for the update has begun on October 20, 2021 for the rapid release domain. The scheduled extended domains rollout will began later from November, 2021. It typically takes 15 days for Google to fully rollout a changes across its platforms.

The update is available to all Google Workspace users, Business users and G Suite Basic users.

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