Gmail Update: Gmail to Show Company Logos in Messages to Verify Legitimate Senders

Gmail is about to roll out the verified company logos feature in the coming weeks to improve user trust in emails. Google has developed a Brand Indicators for Messages Identification (BIMI) standard that will verify if the sender is legitimate or not. This feature is supposed to help reduce spam emails and improve trust between sender and receivers.

This feature allows verified branding logos to appear in the avatar slot while sending mail through Gmail. The avatar circle shows up in the top-left side of a message right next to sender’s name and address. This feature will be available on both web and mobile devices.

Brand Indicators for Messages Identification (BIMI) uses Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) standard that enables to detect and reduce spam and spoofed messages. If any organization supports DMARC validated logos, it will appear on emails from those domains.

The feature is not out yet but Gmail users will see the verified logos on coming days.

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