How to Sign Out of Gmail

How to Sign out of Gmail?

While Gmail is already straightforward to use, it can still be quite confusing for beginners. Aside from its  features, one might also need tips on signing in and out of the account. If that’s your case, please read on.  Below, we’ll discuss the steps on how to sign out of Gmail, plus a few related information, like using the best method of  managing a Gmail account on a Mac. 

Things To Do Before Signing Out 

Before signing out of a Gmail or Google Workspace account, it’s essential to check and do a few things:

Save All Work Changes 

While many of Google’s services include autosave features, it’s still ideal to manually save work. In many  cases, like the browser displaying inaccurate data or that the network suddenly slows down, file saving  progress can break. Considering this, checking the file or document version and sync progress before signing  out would help. 

Download Files 

Before signing out of your Gmail account, it’s best to download essential files that you may need later. In the  event of any errors, having them ready would be a lifesaver. Besides, it’s also useful for when traveling and  not having a stable or present internet connection.

Remember Password 

It might be common knowledge, but Google still requires a user to log in after signing out, even on the same  device. If you’ve just created your account, please make sure to remember your password or save it on your  browser. By doing so, you won’t lose your account if you don’t have a registered backup email or mobile  number. 

Set Vacation Notice 

If you’re signing out an account to go on leave or vacation, it’s best to set auto-reply so future email senders  can learn your status. This way, you can remain off-grid yet still following up on messages. 

Assign Another Admin 

In a Google Workspace organization, projects and tasks can be very timely and essential. Consequently,  before logging out of your account, it’s crucial to assign another user as an admin. By doing so, someone can  still attend to the members’ requests even when you’re offline. 

Complete All Critical Tasks and Requests 

If no one is eligible to be a co-admin, it would be best to complete all critical tasks and requests first before  signing out. Additionally, you can announce a temporary timeout for requests so members won’t have to  wonder and worry. 

Sign Out of Gmail on Mac / PC 

While Gmail is accessible on mobile devices, it’s still more flexible to use on the web. However, unlike on  phones, the web app requires more actions and configurations. Thankfully, it’s easy to sign out of Gmail on  PC and Mac: 

1. Sign out of a single account. Open Gmail or any Google product and click the profile icon.

2. Press the “Sign out” button to proceed. 

Sign out of a single account

3. Sign out multiple accounts. In Gmail, click the profile icon. 

4. Hit the “Sign out of all accounts” button to proceed. 

Sign out multiple accounts

5. Remove an account(s). After signing out, click the “Remove an account” option. 6. Select an account to remove, hit the red remove icon, and then the “Yes, remove” option.


Remove an account(s).

Sign Out of Gmail on Android / iPhone 

Yes, Gmail on the web is a much better experience. However, that doesn’t mean the mobile app is terrible; in fact, it’s the other way around. Moreover, on iPhones and Android devices, the process of signing out an  account looks like this: 

Sign Out of Gmail on iPhone 

In an iPhone, there is only one way to remove a Gmail account: 

1. Open the Gmail app and click the profile icon.

2. Press the “Manage accounts on this device” option. 

Sign Out of Gmail on iPhone

3. Select an account and hit the “Remove from this device” button under it. 

4. Click “Remove” to proceed. 

Sign Out of Gmail on iPhone

Sign Out of Gmail on Android 

On Android devices, there are two ways to sign out of a Gmail account: 

1. Via the Gmail app. Open the Gmail app and click the profile icon. 

2. Press the “Manage accounts on this device” to proceed. 

Sign Out of Gmail on Android via Gmail App

3. Via device’s settings. Launch your Android device’s Settings app and open the “Accounts” or “Accounts  & sync” item. 

4. Click the “Google” option. 

Sign Out of Gmail on Android via device's settings

5. Select and press an account. 

6. Hit the “More” icon and then the “Remove account” text. 

Remove account

Sign Out of Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Account 

Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is Google’s productivity platform for businesses and organizations.  While it has many robust features, signing out an account is as easy as these steps: 

1. Sign out an account. In the Google Admin Console, click the profile icon. 

2. Under the popup, press the “Sign out” button to proceed. 

Sign out of google workspace account

3. Remove an account. After signing out a Workspace account, click the “Remove an account” option. 4. Select an account and hit the remove icon beside it. 

5. Press the “Yes, remove” text to confirm the deletion. 

confirm removal of your account

Easily Sign Out of Gmail with Boxysuite 

While learning Gmail’s fundamental features and operations is beneficial, it’s not only the thing to do. Aside  from that, taking advantage of the tool’s power and using it in the best way possible is ideal. Should you  agree and are using a Mac, then you’ll love Boxysuite

Since Gmail is an excellent productivity tool, having distractions from using multiple Chrome tabs negates  its idea. Not only that but using a browser as a hub for work tools can hamper efficiency and lack reliability.  Considering this issue, we created Boxysuite, the only native Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts, and Keep  app for macOS. 

As a well-developed and designed app, it has the same intuitive interface and supports all of Gmail’s  features; it’s easy to send and receive emails, log in and sign out of Gmail on Mac, and do countless tasks.  Also, you’ll enjoy unique features like System-linked Dark Mode, Multiple Account Support, Desktop  Notifications, Dock Icon Alerts Counter, Multiple Windows, and many more. If you want the best Gmail  experience on Mac, try Boxysuite now! 

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