How to Restore Lost Gmail Contacts

You saved all the contacts from your smartphone to Google contacts. But for some unfortunate reason, you lost them and now you no longer can see any of those contacts. These issues often take place when you try to upload contacts to Google either because of Internet failure, you accidentally deleted them or while using any third-party application to back up your data.

Luckily In either case, Google has an in-built feature that helps you roll back to previous time-frame to easily restore lost Gmail contacts. Here’s how you can retrieve you lost contact details from Google contacts.

Restore Contact from Deleted Email

If you have deleted an email and need sender’s contact details, you can retrieve the information from the Google Contacts. The process is as below:

1. Login to Gmail Account.

2. Go to Contacts from the Sidebar.

3. In Contacts, click the “Frequently Contacted” text.

You can see your deleted contact details here. You can now either view the contact details, copy the information and save it as a new contact or edit it to make any changes as per your need.

4. View, select, edit, or add an item as a contact. 

Restore Lost Gmail Contacts in Google Contacts

If you’ve deleted a Gmail contact or accidently lost all your contacts in Google contacts, there is a way to undo changes. Follow this procedure to safely recover all your lost Gmail contacts.

1. Login to Gmail.

2. Go to Contacts in the left sidebar.

3. Click on the Settings icon and click on “Undo Changes” option.

4. Select a timeframe or customize one and hit “Undo.” 

You have successfully restored your deleted Gmail contacts from that timeframe. Go back to Gmail contacts and search for your previous deleted contact.

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