How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail?

How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail?

Keeping the Gmail inbox organized and clutter-free is beneficial. By doing so, searching for messages will be effortless, and new/urgent emails can be easily recognized.

Aside from using folders/categories, one can delete unread emails to maintain a clean inbox. However, while the latter might sound like an easy task, there are still others who don’t know how to do it. Thankfully, it can be quickly learned, and this article will discuss how to do it, so please read on.

Delete Unread Emails In Gmail Manually

Gmail is an integral part of many people’s daily lives, work, and productivity systems. Accordingly, Google provides users with features to control Gmail’s inbox, including the option to delete unread emails manually:

1. Open the Gmail website and wait for the inbox to load.

2. Identify unread emails (emails with prominent background and bold sender, subject, and date texts).

Figure 1.

3. Click the checkbox of each unread email to select messages to delete.

Figure 2

4. Press the “Delete” icon or right-click any of the selected emails and press the “Delete” option in the pop-up.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

5. Click “More” and then press the “Trash” icon or text.

Figure 5.

6. Click the “Select” box and then press the “Delete forever” or “Empty Trash now” text to erase emails permanently.

Figure 6.

Delete Unread Emails Using Multiple Email Selection Shortcut

Aside from features, Gmail also offers handy shortcuts for quick user operations. One of these shortcuts allows quick selection of all unread emails in the inbox for grouping, labeling, archiving, and particularly deletion:

1. Open the Gmail website and wait for the inbox to load.

2. Click the drop-down icon in the menu bar and then press the “Unread” option in the pop-up.

3. Press the “Delete” icon or right-click any of the selected emails and press the “Delete” option in the pop-up.

Figure 8.

Figure 9.

4. Click “More” and then press the “Trash” icon or text.

5. Click the “Select” box and then press the “Delete forever” or “Empty Trash now” text to erase emails permanently.

Figure 11.

Why You Need To Delete Unread Emails in Gmail

There are several benefits and reasons to delete unread emails in Gmail, and the following are the best ones:

Improve inbox usability

Deleting unread emails makes the inbox simple and more manageable to navigate. If unopened messages are erased, all emails will have the same muted background, which makes the interface easy to scan. There will also be no need to look at the dates on the side-the read and unread states alone can help users distinguish old from actually new emails. Besides that, the new emails counter on the main menu “Inbox” option, which stresses out some people, will disappear, making it all right to collapse the menu panel.

Make new/important emails easy to spot

Regularly deleting unread emails allows users to recognize new messages quickly. Unopened and recent emails both have prominent backgrounds and bold sender, subject, and date texts, so it can be hard to know which is which.

Even though the most recent email appears on top of the list, one can’t say it’s a new message without looking at its date/time. Also, the “New” Gmail badge for the latest emails only lasts about three to four seconds and will disappear permanently after that. Besides people who want to read messages immediately, this is especially important for professionals who need to reply to bosses or clients promptly.

Enhance aesthetics

Sometimes, managing the inbox is purely for aesthetic purposes. If there are no unread emails, the Gmail homepage will look simple and tidy. Emails will have the same background and text styles on the list, and the main menu items won’t have extra counter texts or notification dots.

By doing so, the inbox will look clean, which can be even cleaner if important messages are moved to folders, and all the other emails are erased. Additionally, the interface will appear inviting as no unopened message means no work is left behind, and it’s all right to start new conversations.

Have more Google Drive storage space

Google offers a generous 15GB storage space for free account users. Aside from Google Drive files, the same 15GB is used for storing an account’s Google Photos images and Gmail messages/attachments. Accordingly, the more unread emails one has, the less usable Drive storage will remain.

In order to have enough space for important documents, one can pay for a premium Google One plan. However, as not everyone can spend a couple of dollars monthly for a subscription, an alternative is to remove files and unread emails. Still, opened emails will consume storage, so the best action is to maintain inbox zero.

Help save the environment

It may sound unbelievable, but deleting emails can help save the environment. In detail, Google needs electricity to keep Gmail messages on the servers. And according to The Good Planet, it takes 32 kWh of power to store 1GB worth of email texts/attachments. In the end, this adds to the total worldwide carbon emission that worsens global warming.

Although Google has been relying on renewable energy (solar and wind) since 2017, using power from finite sources (like fossil fuels) might be necessary if too many emails are stored. Thus, the more a user removes emails, the easier it will be for Google to lessen energy consumption for Gmail servers.

Delete Unread Emails Easily With Boxysuite

It’s not hard to delete all unread emails manually and in bulk in Gmail. However, some people may find it hard to execute these tasks on the Gmail website. Besides slow content loading, menus, buttons, and features might not always appear or work properly, especially in non-Chromium browsers.

Delete Unread Emails Easily With Boxysuite


Productivity is also a matter that’s important for everyone and is hampered when using the email service’s website. As such, browsers have too many distractions, and accessing Gmail folders or views on browser tabs is inefficient.

Luckily, there is an app that makes deleting new/old emails a breeze and supercharges the inbox-and it’s called Boxysuite. Unlike browsers, Boxysuite offers all Gmail features in a clean and productive environment. It’s the first and only native Gmail macOS app, so it’s battery-friendly and will run smoothly on your device.

It preserves Gmail’s familiar look and core functions, like automatic spam deletion. Also, it offers dedicated apps for Google Calendar, Contacts, and Keep, which is especially ideal for Google Workspace subscribers. Above all, Boxysuite is feature-rich, and you can learn about what it offers in the next section.

Supercharge Your Gmail Inbox With Boxysuite

If you’re wondering how to delete all unread emails, you can follow the methods above. However, if you’re looking to supercharge the Gmail inbox, the answer is Boxysuite.

Supercharge Your Gmail Inbox With Boxysuite

Besides preserving the authentic Gmail look and making it easy to delete unread emails, Boxysuite offers helpful features, including these ones:

Quick Launcher

Quick Launcher is an excellent Boxysuite feature that functions like macOS Spotlight. With just a few keystrokes, one can switch to any logged-in account and view its inbox instantly. It also makes it easy to switch to different views or folders like “Starred, Sent, and Snoozed,” something that’s clunky on the Gmail site.

Desktop notifications

Boxysuite brings Gmail notifications right on the desktop. And it also syncs in the background, meaning no new email alerts will be missed. On top of that, users can choose between “alerts” or “banners” macOS notification styles. Accordingly, email notifications can disappear automatically or stay on the screen until taken care of, which ensures the user is fully aware of the new message.

Reader Mode

As the name suggests, reader mode makes viewing an email’s content a comfortable experience. It hides the menu bar, collapses the top bar, and centers the message for distraction-free reading. One can even toggle full screen, which is especially useful when viewing long-form emails, like newsletters or detailed reports from work.

Email tracking detection

Tracking emails in the recipients’ inboxes is a common practice among companies and marketers today. Thankfully, Boxysuite has a privacy-focused feature that identifies tracked messages in the inbox. If an email is tracked by its sender, Boxysuite will show a recognizable CCTV icon to inform the user.

Multiple accounts support

On average, people own and use two email accounts, typically one for personal and another for work matters. As Boxysuite knows this, it allows users to sign in to multiple Google accounts. Other email services are also supported, as well as addresses with custom domains (e.g.,, What’s even better is that it’s effortless to switch to any logged-in account, and Boxysuite sends out notifications for all email addresses.

Task managers integration

Apart from email, people also use task managers to get things done and track work progress. Thankfully, Boxysuite integrates with popular to-do list apps, including Omnifocus, Things, 2Do, and Todoist. And this means that one can send or attach emails to task entries seamlessly, eliminating the need to copy and paste messages or file attachments.

Boxysuite is hands down the best Gmail app for mac. It lets you delete unread emails quickly, access all Gmail functions, and enjoy excellent features. There truly is nothing like it, and you’ll be happy once you start using it. Supercharge the Gmail inbox by trying Boxysuite for free today!

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