How to Use Labels in Gmail: A Peek Into Gmail’s Most Fierce Feature

Efficiency is impossible to achieve without quality communication, and to deliver all of your key messages, you will need a good platform. As Gmail is the most popular email provider, Google is constantly updating it with new features to make it more appealing for its numerous users. Knowing how to use labels in Gmail is one of the most popular features among them, as it allows you to fully organize all of the emails in your inbox.

How to Add Labels in Gmail

Adding labels in Gmail is actually very easy. There are two ways to create a label in your Gmail inbox. For the first one, start by finding a “Create a New Label” button on the left sidebar, right above the chat window. Then, you should click on “More” and scroll down to see that button.

Or, you can open any email you have in your inbox, and you will notice that “tag icon” appears below the search bar. Simply click on it, and you will see the drop-down menu and, at the bottom of it, you can add a new label.

Applying Labels Automatically

If you don’t have time to organize your emails, it is possible to add labels in Gmail automatically. Also, there are many helpful apps such as Boxy Suite which can make your email communication a lot easier. You can create as many filters as you need to ensure all of your incoming emails are organized in the best way for you to be efficient. Open the “Settings” screen, click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses,” and click on “Create a New Filter.”

Your options are limitless, but it’s clearly beneficial using this feature to make your email communication easier. Start thinking about the best way to categorize your emails. You can automatically filter emails and decide what to do with each of them.

If you’re working on multiple projects, you can create a label for each of them or even have different labels for your internal and external communication. Moreover, you can create labels for each domain, keyword or emails with attachment. This feature will save you a significant amount of time, especially if you’re receiving numerous emails every day.

Labelling Instead of Archiving

Besides categorizing all of your incoming emails, labelling can also help you manage emails which you would usually decide to archive. As many Gmail users hesitate from deleting or archiving emails because they fear to lose valuable information, creating a label for these emails can be quite handy for you.

This way, all of your newsletters, notifications and other unimportant updates will stay in your inbox, and you can easily find what you need later. If you’re wondering why you would label unimportant emails, think about every newsletter you receive in your email which you have to delete or archive afterwards. By adding a label for these emails, you will not have to take action for it, but it will automatically be saved under that label.

But, how to delete labels in Gmail? If you don’t need a certain label anymore or you’ve created it by mistake, you can easily delete it. As you can’t edit the labels from the Gmail app, open your Gmail account on your computer. Then, click the “Down” arrow and remove the label. Simple as that! As saving time is essential for those who receive numerous emails each day, learning about Gmail keyboard shortcuts could be quite useful as well!

Labelling Emails on Your Phone

This fast-paced lifestyle has led to many people reading their private or business emails from their phones. If you’re always on the go, you probably rarely read your emails on your laptop or desktop computer. So, how to use labels in Gmail on your phone?

If you have an Android phone, you can customize the notifications you receive from Gmail with labels. By creating automatic filters for your labels, you can cut down on all of these various interruptions and alerts that you’re receiving on your phone.

You can do this simply by going into “Settings” on the main app menu and turning on notifications. Then, click on “Manage Labels” and choose the label with which you want to work. However, keep in mind that you will have to sync the label first and then apply a notification to that label. You can even choose a different sound for your labels so you know what type of email you are receiving each time your phone makes a sound. So, once you learn how to create labels in Gmail, you can truly take your email communication to the next level!

From Labels to Sub-labels

Learning how to manage their inbox is essential for the majority of Gmail users. Besides adding labels in Gmail, you can even add sub-labels under your labels which will provide you with additional control over your emails. Find the “Labels” in your Gmail account, click on the “Create New Label” option and enter a name and location where you want to have this label. You can even decide to have your new sub-label under already existing sub-labels, if needed.

Sub-labels can be used in various ways, depending on what you find useful for your email communication. For instance, you can have the main label for all of your family messages, and have sub-labels for each family member. In the same matter, you can have the main label for the department in your company, and sub-labels for every employee in those departments. The options are truly limitless! That’s why you need to take a closer look at our Gmail guide.

Applying Labels When Sending Emails

A well-organized inbox saves a significant amount of time. Using labels in Gmail will help you reduce the time you would usually spend on emails which are not relevant to you at the moment and ensure you’re not missing out on the relevant ones. If you wish to save even more time by using labels, think about labelling your outgoing emails as you’re composing them. This means your incoming email, which is a reply to your composed one, can be found under the label you’ve chosen for it.

All you have to do it to choose the label from the pop-up menu on the compose screen. Of course, you don’t have to create a label for every person you communicate with as this will not be helpful in any way. The goal of utilizing this feature is to make your email communication easier and more efficient. Start by adding a few of them and once you have a new group of emails, you can easily add a new label.

Once you learn how to use labels in Gmail, you can categorize your inbox and organize the messages so each of your incoming emails has a location where you can find it when you need it – tomorrow or in three months. As you have the freedom to organize your Gmail inbox the way it suits you, be sure to make the most of it!

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