How to Use a Gmail App to Streamline All of These Features

Gmail is officially the most used email provider worldwide. According to statistics, over 280 billion emails were sent in the previous year via the Gmail provider. In other words, over a billion users trust Gmail to be their email provider for business. Supposing that you are a tiny part of this statistic, you are probably aware of the reason behind the Gmail fascination.

Gmail can be described with two words — proficiency and expediency. Moreover, the seamless integration of all the useful features allows for simplified use and enhanced work efficiency.

The number of emails can easily be converted into hours, and that is the scary part of the statistic. The number of hours a person spends managing and responding to those emails might be even more overwhelming. This is why many Gmail users choose a Gmail app that includes improved and native features and smart solutions for fast and efficient work.

Boxy Suite app for Gmail can help users master email efficiency. In fact, being prepared and mastering a powerful Gmail app before your Gmail inbox overwhelms you, is a smart move.

The Boxy Suite App for Gmail

Designed to perfectly match the Mac interface, the Boxy Gmail app offers improved features that make Gmail more compact and performant. In fact, Boxy Suite is a kit of greatly improved Google apps that make the most out of the Google integrations in terms of communications. The Suite includes Boxy for Gmail, Boxy for Calendar, Boxy for Contacts and Boxy for Keep. Moreover, you will be presented with a Boxy dashboard that gives you a clear overview of your emails, events, tasks, clients, functions and notifications.

Simplifying the way you communicate, using a smartly designed Gmail app, will result in a neatly organized inbox, increased productivity and great time management, in one word — efficiency as the primary means of smart working.

Boxy for Gmail offers the following features:

  • Less Tabs
  • Minimal Mode
  • Quick Launcher
  • Shortcuts
  • Integration with Task Managers

A great Gmail guide surely can help you make the most out of your Gmail and cut off the time you spend staring at your screen. However, a powerful Gmail app with additional useful features will help you improve your work productivity and speed. An insight into the features and their benefits can help users understand the difference and the advantages that an improved Gmail app will provide for their work.

Kill the Tabs — Less Tabs for More Productivity

Getting lost in the tabs is a common issue when you are overwhelmed with emails in different Gmail accounts that you use for work. In fact, all those tabs from the Google Suite are not helping you. Boxy’s highly functional way of presenting the integration on your screen will free you from the mess. The Gmail app will restyle all the information and make them look better in order to be more responsive. By enhancing your desktop experience with additional Gmail app features, you will enhance your chance to work smarter — not harder. And, of course, faster!

The Minimal Mode – Less Is More for Compact Gmail UI

Gmail is an important part of your workspace, and having a clean and tidy workspace is essential for productive work. Moreover, when it comes to Gmail, you will be surprised how much your user interface can do for your speed and productivity. A clean, more responsive and minimal user interface will make your Gmail a better workspace.

Let’s say you love the canned responses in the Gmail feature, and you would love to have a better overview of your templates whenever you want to use them. Or, have you ever been stuck with the question of how to sign out of Gmail app? Gmail is smartly designed and very user-friendly, however, users sometimes face some challenges. In fact, an improvement from a user’s point of view is always welcomed. Therefore, Boxy’s polished interface will make your wishes come true. Moreover, this Gmail app will declutter your working space, ease your work and speed up the communication process. Enjoy a more compact interface, especially when compared to your browser.

The Auto Dark Mode Feature for Gmail App

By customizing Gmail’s own dark theme, Boxy offers a cool Gmail appearance for those who prefer the dark mode. It contains countless refinements over Gmail’s own dark theme to match the Mac interface. To enjoy the Cool Boxy dark theme, you need to enable the dark mode in Gmail’s interface.

The Quick Launcher — The Time Shaper You Need

Using a smart feature that makes everything faster will help you keep your focus on the important work. The frustration of constantly switching accounts, logging in and out, opening tabs, affects your patience and motivation to work. The quick launcher feature will solve all these pains in a snap. It allows you to quickly switch between accounts and views with just a few keystrokes. Another time-efficient feature for your Gmail means more time to focus on the important work.

Shortcuts — You Can’t Get Enough of Them

You may ask yourself: can there be an improvement in the efficiency and speed of the shortcuts? And well, the answer is yes! The most wonderful and lovable feature ever invented is even more powerful when you can merge Gmail with the macOS shortcuts you already are familiar with.

In order for your keyboard shortcuts to work in Gmail, you’ll need to enable them in Gmail settings. If you ever wondered how to delete all emails in Gmail app or how to select all in Gmail app fast and easy, you can do it by using Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Boxy for Gmail supports all the Gmail shortcuts. Additionally, it has the native shortcuts you are used to when using a standard Mac application. Moreover, it offers some shortcuts that you don’t get with standard Gmail, which can be useful when working with multiple accounts at the same time. Here they are:

  • CMD+1 navigates to your first account
  • CMD+2 navigates to your second account
  • CMD+3 navigates to your third account

Integrations With Task Managers — All in One Place

Using a task manager keeps your work greatly organized. Every business person uses its preferred to-do app to automate task tracking. Having everything in one place makes progress and productivity tracking way easier. The possibility to link the task manager with Gmail helps the user to easily navigate through all the necessary info. More than a tool for communicating, your Gmail stores important data for every working process. Knowing how to create folders in Gmail app improves navigation in Gmail, and synchronizing your Gmail with your task manager stores every info in one place.

With the Boxy task manager integration with Gmail, you can quickly create a task in your favorite to-do app and link it to the current email. You can also copy a link to the current email with a simple keyword shortcut: CMD+Shift+C.

Here are the to-do apps Boxy Gmail app currently supports:

  • Things
  • OmniFocus
  • 2Do
  • Todoist

Time is a valuable resource that is of the greatest importance for your success — but it’s limited. Therefore, smart time management is imperative for vast work success and ongoing progress. Using smart tools and up-to-date apps is in your best interest. Searching to find the best possible app for your Gmail experience is the most rewarding investment you can make.

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