How to Enable and Use Gmail Offline?

Gmail is a popular web-based email app that is easily accessible from almost any device. You can access Gmail anywhere with or without the internet. Gmail now offers the “Gmail Offline” feature that lets you read, search, and delete. reply to, label, and manage your email offline without having a connection to the Internet. This feature can be a savior when you are traveling in no internet areas like airplanes, tunnels, or forests. 

Gmail offline is currently supported only in the Chrome web browser which works on Mac, Windows, or other operating systems. You can perform all your Gmail tasks with Gmail offline. Using Gmail offline will still not send or receive an email in real-time. But when your computer connects to a working network, all your queued tasks will be executed that including sending emails, downloading emails, or anything you requested offline.

In this article, we explain the step-by-step guide on how to enable and use Gmail offline. Read on!

Enable and Use Gmail Offline

Before you can use Gmail offline, you need to set up and enable Gmail offline feature while you have an internet connection. To do so:

1. Log in to your Gmail account via

2. Go to settings via Settings gear on the upper right corner.

3. Click on “See all settings”.

4. Go to the “offline” tab.

5. Click on “Enable Offline Mail

6. In the Sync settings section, define how long Gmail should store offline data. Select download attachments if you want to save attachments offline.

7. In the security section, select “keep offline data on my computer” if you want Gmail to save your data after you sign out of Gmail, or select “remove offline data from my computer” if you don’t want Gmail to save data.

9. Once you have confirmed your settings, click on save changes to start using Gmail offline.

Use Gmail Offline with Google Workspace

An admin can enable offline mode in Google workspace that will let you and other users on the workspace use Gmail to read, write, label, search or delete emails offline. However, to use Google workspace offline you need the latest version of the Chrome web browser and your Gmail needs to be open in a single tab of your browser.

Before using Gmail offline with Google workspace, an admin must enable offline features from the admin console. Below is how you can use Gmail offline with Google workspace.

1. From the admin console, go to apps.

2. Click on “Google workspace

3. Go to “Gmail” and click on “User Settings

4. Hover to “Gmail web offline

5. Click on the “Enable Gmail web offline” box

6. Click on “Force deletion of offline data on log out of Google account” if you don’t want Gmail to save data offline on the computer. This will prevent any data theft or loss if you are using Gmail offline on a different computer.

7. Click on “Save”.

How to Open Gmail Offline?

You can open Gmail offline after enabling the offline mode with these two steps:

1. Create a Bookmark in your Gmail Inbox and open the bookmark when you are offline.

2. Open the chrome browser in the offline mode and visit

Can I Use Gmail Offline Without the Chrome Browser?

Yes! You can use Gmail offline without the Chrome browser using an email client. Set up an email client with Gmail SMTP and POP3/IMAP server to download messages to your computer. This will let you use Gmail from different clients and now you can perform your Gmail tasks offline.

Here’s how you can enable and use SMTP and IMAP/POP3 on Gmail

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