How to Add a Signature in Gmail?

Gmail is the most preferred email client with nearly 2 billion users by 2022. However, what makes it the most desired email service provider is its features. The range of integrated features like contacts, labels, inbox, search, meet, signature and many more are suitable for individuals to organizations. In your mac or browser, Gmail is just a click away and you can access it anywhere with or without the internet.

Since its launch in 2004, Gmail advanced a long way from being a personal email choice to a professional one. Using Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) on the other hand provides you more sophisticated features of google services integration. You can create custom emails named after your website domains (like – and add professional signatures that are more business oriented. These are the features that make Gmail stand out from the rest of the email clients. 

Features of Gmail Signature

A Gmail signature can be as important as the rest of the email as it delivers authenticity. A Gmail signature not only gives a professional touch to your email but the receiver is also likely to read the entire email before heading back. Below are the features of adding a signature in Gmail:

Professional Signature

A Gmail signature is just like a hand-written signature that can represent an individual or organization. This means recipients are more likely to trust an email with signature than without one. It also makes you easily recognizable while the forwarding emails. 

Increases Email Response Rate

People get hundreds of emails every single day and they likely won’t read the whole email if it’s not of their interest. Adding a signature in Gmail can increase the email response rate.


Signature is a sign of authenticity and adding a signature in Gmail will help you prevent from being marked as spam. 

A Virtual Visiting Card

You can add your contact details and other information in the Gmail signature which can act as a virtual visiting card. People can use your details to come in touch with you for any business inquiries or whatsoever.

How to Add a Signature in Gmail?

Creating and adding a signature in Gmail is not hard with proper guidance. Here’s how you can add a professional signature in Gmail:

1. Login to Gmail via on your browser.

2. Go to Gmail settings from the top right pane.

3. In General view of settings, scroll down to Signature and click on “Create new

4. Add Signature Name and click on Create

5. Enter Signature Information and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Here’s an example of signature:

Design Your Gmail Signature

You can design your signature with your own font, images, links and more.

Add an Image

1. Click on Image icon

You can choose image from Drive, URL or upload from your computer

2. After uploading, select size for your image

Change Signature Font

The default font on Gmail signature is “Sans Serif”. You can change it by clicking on it and choosing a different font.

Adjust Text Size

You can adjust text size in your Gmail signature. To change your text size:

1. Click on T icon and choose from Small, Normal, Large and Huge text as you need

Add Links

You can also add hyperlinks to your signature for recipients to follow. 

1. Click on Link Icon

2. Add Text to display and URL

3. Click on OK to save changes

Change Background/Text Color

1. Click on Color icon and pick a color to add to your signature

2. Change background or text color as you need

Use Alignments

1. Click on Alignment Icon and choose your preferred alignment

Add Quotes and Indents

You can also add quotes and indent less/indent more to your signature text.

1. Click on the drop-down menu

2. Select Quote, Indent More and Indent Less for text

After all these changes, don’t forget to save changes at the bottom of the page.

How to Add a Signature in a Gmail Reply?

The signature you just created won’t be applied to Gmail replies or new emails use by default. You need to manually enable your signature for reply/forward emails.

1. Scroll down and click on “No Signature”

2. Select the signature

You can also insert a signature before the quoted text in Gmail replies by clicking on the box just below it.

3. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page

How to Add a Logo to Gmail Signature?

You can also add a company logo in Gmail signature. The process is similar to adding a profile picture explained above.

1. Click on Image Icon

2. Upload a company logo or select it from Drive or URL

3. Adjust the size (Small or Medium is preferred) of logo

3. Click on save changes

How to Add a Gmail Signature from Android/iOS Gmail App?

Most of the people use mobile devices to access and respond to work emails. Here’s how you can add a Gmail signature using Android or iOS Gmail app.

1. Open Gmail app and go to settings

2. Select your account and scroll down

2. Click on Mobile Signature

3. Name your signature and click on OK 

4. Head back and add other details to your signature.

You have successfully created your mobile signature. Go on and try sending an email! 

Add a Signature in Gmail with Boxysuite 

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