Boxysuite as a Superhuman Alternative

Boxysuite Vs Superhuman

Among many email providers today, Gmail has remained the most versatile, powerful, and thus, the most popular. However, like other email services, its website isn’t ideal for work and productivity. The other browser tabs cause distraction, content loads slow, and users can’t take full advantage of the service’s features. 

Thankfully, there are now dedicated apps that improve the experience of using Gmail on desktops, particularly Boxysuite and Superhuman. Both clients have differences in function and design, making one better than the other. Regardless, this article will compare the two apps and explain why Boxysuite is the superior choice; please read on.

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Boxysuite vs Superhuman: Features 

Why is 
Boxysuite the Best Alternative to Superhuman?

Boxysuite is the best among countless Superhuman email alternatives. It offers all the features of Superhuman in a better implementation that actually helps Gmail users. As such, it has a minimal interface, but all Gmail features are accessible within reach. It also retains the excellent functions of the service and makes its own features easy to set up and use. 

In regards to features, it has many exclusive ones that are not available on Superhuman and other clients. Email Tracking Detection, Reader Mode, task managers integration, and Quick Launcher are a few examples of Boxysuite’s excellent features. 

Boxysuite implements the authentic and familiar Gmail look, so users will feel at home and get comfortable using it in no time. Unlike Chrome and Superhuman, it doesn’t hog the memory (RAM) and runs smoothly. Moreover, Boxysuite is developed and maintained by an established and trusted company. Accordingly, there’s no need to worry about sudden app update cut-offs and privacy concerns like Superhuman’s email tracking controversy.

4 Reasons 
to Consider Boxysuite as Superhuman Alternative

Familiar Gmail Look and Features

Unlike Superhuman, Boxysuite preserved the interface of the Gmail website. As a result, the experience is very familiar, and even new users can pick up Boxysuite and start working right away. Additionally, this means that all the powerful features of the email service have remained accessible, including the smart compose suggestions, Google AI-powered search, and side panel for add-ons.

It's Stable and CPU, Memory, and Battery-friendly

Boxysuite is very stable and runs smoothly. It's the first and only macOS Gmail app, so it doesn't hog the memory (RAM) and CPU's processing power. Apart from that, it only stores a small-sized app file and doesn't drain the battery, even when used for an extended period of time.

Offers Great Exclusive Features

Aside from Gmail's functions, Boxysuite also offers its own set of features. In detail, it has Quick Launcher, Reader Mode, and task managers integration for enhanced productivity. Also, it protects user privacy with the accurate Email Tracking Detection function. When flying or going to a remote location, Boxysuite's offline mode enables downloading emails and attachments from the last 30 to 90 days.

Implements Great Accessibility

Boxysuite balances accessibility and interface design very well. It presents the information and makes features within reach without cluttering up the display. While it might sound unimportant, it's something worth pointing out, especially when considering Superhuman. Superhuman aims to be as simple as possible. However, due to that principle, it becomes confusing and unpleasant to use for most people. Also, as accessibility is about many things, the steep Superhuman email pricing ($30 monthly or $360 annually) makes it inaccessible for many Gmail users.

How to Switch to Privacy Protected Boxysuite?

Superhuman privacy is criticized by many experts and countless security-conscious individuals due to the app’s read status feature. If unaware, this controversial feature works by embedding a tiny invisible pixel in every outgoing email to track contacts. Besides knowing whether the recipient has read the email or not, it also identifies the location where the recipient had opened the message. The read receipt feature can be associated with marketers, and many people are alright with it. However, the geolocation tracking practice is a serious privacy violation, especially since it’s not necessary for sending or receiving emails.

There are various Gmail clients that avoid such shady practices, but Boxysuite offers the best balance of features and privacy protection. It’s easy to switch from Superhuman to Boxysuite, and the process is as follows:

Google apps rely on the cloud and require constant syncing, so there’s no need to manually backup or transfer data. One will just need to sync quickly with the internet connection enabled, and it will be safe to log out of Superhuman. After that, everything will show up immediately on Boxysuite—users can then get back to work in no time. Lastly, Boxysuite doesn’t track messages and locations and instead protects its users with the Email Tracking Detection feature.


Superhuman brings a unique take to the traditional email approach. However, despite its efforts, it’s still not ideal for general work, multitasking, and doing tasks that require Gmail’s features which it had removed. Accordingly, Boxysuite remains the superior option among many clients in terms of design-function balance and especially privacy. 

It preserves the authentic Gmail experience, offers useful features, supports multiple Google accounts and other email services, and is system resources-friendly. Most importantly, Boxysuite handles Gmail very well, keeping all the powerful features while optimizing performance.

Boxysuite is the first and only native macOS Gmail app, and it offers a clean/productive environment for emails, notes, and calendars. Clearly, Boxysuite is the best desktop Gmail client, so learn more or try it for free now!