Boxysuite as an Outlook Alternative

Boxysuite Vs Outlook

Since 2004, Gmail has remained the most popular email provider in the world. Aside from the excellent features, one thing that contributed to its success is its availability on different platforms, including browsers. However, although the Gmail website works acceptably, it won’t offer the best experience and instead hamper productivity. 

Thankfully, dedicated desktop Gmail apps are now significantly better than before, particularly Boxysuite and Outlook. Both email clients are great—however, Boxysuite is far superior in terms of design, function, and other important things. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this, so please read on.

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Boxysuite vs Outlook: Features 

Why is 
Boxysuite the Best Alternative to Outlook?

Boxysuite is the best alternative to the Microsoft Outlook app. It has every feature of Outlook, plus all functions of the Gmail website. Also, it has a familiar and very intuitive interface, and the menus/panels are highly customizable for an even more personal experience. 

Regarding features, Boxysuite has many exclusive ones that aren’t available on Outlook and other alternatives. Email Tracking Detection, Reader Mode, and Quick Launcher are only a few examples of what Boxysuite offers. 

Boxysuite is developed and maintained by a reputable company, so it’s secure/private and updated regularly. It’s very stable and lightweight, unlike Chrome (a memory hog) and Outlook, which crashes frequently and also consumes significant RAM.

4 Reasons 
to Consider Boxysuite as Outlook Alternative

It Offers a Familiar and Pleasing Experience

Boxysuite preserves the authentic Gmail look, so new users will feel at home and can get back to working in no time. Apart from that, it retains all features of the service, including the AI-powered search, inbox filters, and email formatting capabilities. Since it's very smooth and the animations are implemented well, users will enjoy every second of managing emails while being productive.

Provides Great Exclusive Features

Apart from making all features of Gmail available, Boxysuite also offers extra features that are actually useful. It has an Email Tracking Detection feature for privacy and a Reader Mode for viewing emails. Moreover, the Quick Launcher, hotkeys, and Mac Menu Bar shortcuts make working and multitasking highly manageable. Also, Boxysuite allows downloading emails and attachments from the last 30 to 90 days , so users can still read messages when flying or staying at a remote location.

It's Stable and is CPU, RAM, and Battery-friendly

Boxysuite is very stable—it won't slow down, freeze, and crash like Outlook. Additionally, since it's the first and only native macOS Gmail app, it only requires a small portion of the memory (RAM) and CPU processing power. Even when used heavily, it won't take up significant app data storage nor drain the battery.

Implements Great Accessibility

Accessibility can mean many things; however, when it comes to Boxysuite, it's the well-designed interface that makes it easy to navigate inboxes and manage emails. Also, it's about the integrations to task managers and Google apps and support for accounts other than Gmail. Every account a person owns is accessible on it—one can even add Outlook email to Gmail as a client of Boxysuite. Although Outlook is primarily designed for professional work, it's not a good reason to leave the app cluttered and buggy. As such, the interface is very busy, users will have to turn off useless features in settings, and it's challenging to manage, read, and send emails. Worse, its desktop apps are only available to those who pay for Microsoft 365, where the cheapest tier being $70 a year—still not quite affordable for the masses.

How to Switch from Outlook to Privacy Protected Boxysuite?

There are several reasons why Outlook isn’t the best option for those concerned with security and privacy. First, its modifications make Gmail’s spam detection engine inaccurate—spam emails will come through, potentially carrying phishing links or even malware. It’s also not possible to report emails and addresses manually, meaning Google won’t be able to flag certain accounts and prevent culprits from scamming others. Next, Outlook offers an email tracking feature out of the box, and even “” account owners won’t be aware of tracked emails and opt out. 

There are various email clients that don’t practice such shady things. However, nothing comes close to the balance of privacy and features that Boxysuite provides. Thankfully, switching from Outlook to Boxysuite is straightforward, and the process is as follows:

Gmail relies on the cloud, and there is no local data that is not stored first in Google’s servers, except offline drafts. Accordingly, one will only need to send or sync the drafts quickly, and it will be safe to log out of Outlook. After that, Boxysuite will retrieve everything—users can then go back to working immediately. One significant difference, though, is that Boxysuite doesn’t track messages and instead protects users with its Email Tracking Detection feature.


Outlook supports Gmail; however, it’s primarily developed for accessing “” accounts. Accordingly, users won’t be able to access many Gmail features with it and especially connect with other Google apps. For these reasons alone, it’s clear that Boxysuite remains the superior choice. 

It preserves the familiar and intuitive Gmail look and fine-tunes everything for a better experience. Also, Boxysuite supports multiple Google accounts and other email services, offers extra features, and is system resources-friendly. Above all, it handles Gmail perfectly and ensures prompt arrival of incoming emails and successful sending of outgoing messages. 

Boxysuite is the first and only native macOS Gmail app, and it provides a clean working environment for emails, calendars, and notes. Without a doubt, Boxysuite is the best Gmail client for desktops, so learn more or try it for free today!