Boxysuite as a Mailplane Alternative

Boxysuite Vs Mailplane

Since its release, Gmail is only accessible on Chrome and other browsers on desktops. However, while its website functions normally, it’s not ideal for work, prolonged use, and productivity. Distractions from other browser tabs, slow content loading, and limited offline mode are some of the issues with the Gmail site.

Thankfully, there are now dedicated desktop apps for the email service, particularly Boxysuite and Mailplane. Although both are good, differences in features and other things make one better than the other. Accordingly, this article will compare the most important features of each app and explain why Boxysuite has the upper hand.

  • Boxysuite
  • Mailplane
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Multiple Google Accounts
Google Apps Integration
Quick Launcher
Email Tracking Detection
Inbox Filters
Keyboard Shortcuts
Task Manager
Reader Mode
Default Email Client
Instant Account Switching
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Boxysuite vs Mailplane: Features 

Why is 
Boxysuite the Best Alternative to Mailplane?

Boxysuite is the best alternative and is far superior to Mailplane. As such, it is well-designed but remains familiar to Gmail website users. In the interface, the inbox, side panel, search bar, and main menu are left untouched, making navigation a pleasant task. Also, the buttons, menus, and filter views look and function the same, so one can pick up Boxysuite and work right away.

Besides the original functionalities of Gmail, Boxysuite also offers additional features, many of which aren’t available on Mailplane or other clients. Email Tracking Detection, Reader Mode, and Quick Launcher are only a few examples of exclusive features Boxysuite offers.

Boxysuite is developed and regularly maintained by an established company. Accordingly, there’s no need to worry about sudden app update cutoffs or incompatibility with Gmail and other Google tools. Aside from that, it doesn’t hog the memory (RAM) like Chrome and runs smoothly, unlike Mailplane, which crashes from time to time. Boxysuite also adopts Gmail’s current design language very well—a significant contrast to Mailplane, which makes some texts not quite legible, especially when on dark mode.

4 Reasons 
to Consider Boxysuite as Mailplane Alternative

Preserves the Familiar Look and Functionalities of Gmail

Although Boxysuite is about providing a great Gmail experience on Mac, it still preserves the functions and authentic look of the service. Thus, new users will feel at home and get comfortable right away with it. Also, it means all the powerful features of Gmail web remain accessible, including Google AI-powered search, search parameters, smart compose suggestions, accurate labels, and the add-ons side panel.

Offers Useful and Exclusive Features

Preserving Gmail’s identity is important; however, it’s also best to offer features that email users would find helpful. Thankfully, as Boxysuite knows this, users can benefit from various exclusive features, including Reader Mode, Quick Launcher, Email Tracking Detection, and task managers integration. It’s also possible to download emails from the last 30 to 90 days and save attachments without relying on Chrome or any Chromium-based browser.

It runs smoothly and is CPU, memory, and battery-friendly

Boxysuite is well-developed and regularly maintained, so it works smoothly and doesn’t crash from time to time like Mailplane. Moreover, it’s the first and only native macOS Gmail app, so it doesn’t require significant memory (RAM) and CPU processing allocation. Since it’s lightweight, it only consumes a small app data size and won’t drain the battery.

Enhances Productivity

Unlike Mailplane, with a busy interface, Boxysuite offers a clean working environment that promotes ease of use and productivity. There are no unnecessary tabs, headers, or other elements, so one can spend more time working without distractions. Boxysuite also provides different shortcuts to actions like account switching, moving from and to inboxes, and locating certain emails. Instead of only relying on Gmail’s search bar (like Mailplane), Boxysuite offers native and unique hotkeys, Quick Launcher, Menu Bar shortcuts, and static status bar icons for faster task completion.

(Mailplane Stopped Selling Licenses) Switch to Boxysuite!

If unaware, the company behind Mailplane announced that it would no longer sell licenses starting June  2021. According to the company, it has stopped updating the app and will only try to support the last/existing version as long as possible. However, while those who have already bought the app can continue using it, Gmail’s nature will make Mailplane inoperable sooner or later. Gmail’s features, interface,  and backend frameworks update continually, so using Mailplane may result in broken email sync, false delivery reports, incompatibility, and more problems. 

Luckily, Boxysuite offers and implements all Mailplane features better, making it the best replacement for the discontinued client. Switching from Mailplane to Boxysuite is straightforward, and the process is as  follows:

Google apps rely on the cloud, and such apps require syncing of data periodically. Accordingly, there’s no need to backup or transfer anything manually—just a quick sync with the internet connection on, and it will be safe to log out of Mailplane. Also, it means that everything will appear in Boxysuite immediately, and users can resume working (but in a better environment) in no time. 


Boxysuite and Mailplane are both good desktop Gmail apps. However, considering the feature comparisons,  stability, and development state of the two, it’s clear that Boxysuite is the superior option. 

It handles notifications well, supports multiple Google accounts and other email services, offers helpful and exclusive features, and is system resources-friendly. Above all, Boxysuite handles Gmail perfectly,  preserving its look and powerful features while optimizing performance. 

Boxysuite is the first and only native Gmail app for Mac, and it provides a clean working environment for emails, notes, and calendars. Clearly, Boxysuite is the best desktop Gmail client, so learn more or try it for free now!