Boxysuite as a Kiwi Alternative

Boxysuite Vs Kiwi for Gmail

While Gmail works acceptably on browsers, it won’t provide the best experience. Slow content loading, limited offline support, and distractions are some of the issues with using the Gmail website. Thankfully, there are now more dedicated desktop apps for this email provider than before, particularly Boxysuite and Kiwi for Gmail. 

Boxysuite and Kiwi are both popular Gmail clients—however, there are differences that make one better than the other. In this article, the following sections will compare the features of each app and explain how Boxysuite is the superior choice; please read on.

  • Boxysuite
  • Kiwi for Gmail
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Native Desktop Apps for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, & Keep
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Boxysuite vs Kiwi for Gmail: Features 

Why is 
Boxysuite the Best Alternative to Kiwi?

Boxysuite is the best Kiwi for Gmail alternative due to different sound reasons. In detail, it has all the features of Kiwi but even better. To name a few, Boxysuite offers more keyboard and Menu Bar shortcuts, retains all Google inbox filters, and enhances integration with support for task managers. Moreover, it has many useful features that Kiwi and other alternatives don’t have, like email tracking detection, Quick Launcher, and Reader Mode. Also, Kiwi’s night mode execution isn’t complete and flawless, while Boxysuite offers a custom dark theme with great contrast and color scheme and is easy on the eyes. 

Compared to other alternatives, Boxysuite had existed for years, making it already an established and well known product. Accordingly, there’s no need to worry about sudden app update cutoffs or bad privacy practices—Boxysuite is a secure app that is developed and ensured by a reputable company. 

Besides the well-designed interface, Boxysuite runs smoothly and doesn’t freeze or crash from time to time like Kiwi. Lastly, it’s the first and only native Gmail macOS app, meaning it can take advantage of system level functions, won’t hog the memory like Chrome and Kiwi, nor consume significant disk space.

4 Reasons 
to Consider Boxysuite as Kiwi Alternative

Looks and Functions Familiar

Unlike other email apps, including Kiwi, Boxysuite retains the original look and functionality of Gmail. As such, it preserved the interface of not just Gmail but also Google Calendar, Contacts, and Keep. Boxysuite also didn't remove the 'Side Panel' so users can quickly switch to other Google tools and access add-ons. Besides the interface, the behavior of Gmail on Boxysuite also remained the same. Buttons and menus work as intended, inbox views are complete, and the Google AI-powered search is untouched. In short, Boxysuite offers a familiar experience minus the issues and distractions of browsers.

Offers Excellent Features

Apart from the functions of the Gmail website, Boxysuite also offers its own set of features for productivity, comfort, and privacy. First, it integrates with task managers and Google tools, supports various Gmail accounts and other email services, and allows quick account switching to eliminate the need for multiple windows/tabs. Next, it has a 'Reader Mode,' which makes reading long emails more comfortable, a dark mode to protect the eyes when working at night, and offline support for downloading emails. Lastly, it has an exclusive email tracking detection function, making it possible to know if a message is tracked by a marketer or company.

Native App

If unfamiliar, Boxysuite is the first and only native Mac Gmail app. It means it's not a website wrapper or app developed with the Electron framework. Due to the mentioned approach, Boxysuite works very well on macOS. In detail, it opens and runs smoothly and only consumes a low portion of the battery. It also syncs automatically, so it won't have to reload accounts periodically like Kiwi, which is inconvenient. Besides that, it can access system-level functions, including dock icon alerts counter, automatic dark mode, and deeper integration with the Menu Bar.

Lightweight, Minimal, and Offers Excellent Shortcuts

Although Boxysuite supports Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts, and Keep, it's still very lightweight to the system. It doesn't take up so much storage space with its app data, isn't a memory (RAM) hog, and doesn't trigger the fast spinning of fans inside the computer. In short, Boxysuite doesn't consume significant resources, unlike Kiwi, which requires a high percentage of CPU processing and RAM allocation. Boxysuite has a minimal interface with no unnecessary buttons or menus that only make the app cluttered and clunky. It also provides shortcuts in different places for quicker task completion and enhanced productivity. As such, it offers hotkeys, Menu Bar shortcuts, Quick Launcher, and a static status bar icon.

How to Switch to Privacy Protected Boxysuite?

There are several reasons why Kiwi isn’t the best option for those concerned with security and privacy. Additionally, Kiwi for Gmail doesn’t integrate with macOS Contacts, notifications don’t reflect the per-account color theme and there is no support for other email services. 

Luckily, Boxysuite offers and implements all Kiwi features better, making it the best replacement for the email client. Switching from Kiwi for Gmail to Boxysuite is straightforward, and the process is as  follows:


Boxysuite and Kiwi are both good Gmail client desktop apps. However, regarding functionality and promoting productivity, Boxysuite is evidently the superior option. 

It supports multiple accounts and other email providers, integrates directly with task managers and Google tools, is lightweight and very stable, and offers useful extra features. Most importantly, it handles Gmail perfectly and preserves its original look/functionalities, making the experience familiar and pleasing. 

Boxysuite supercharges Gmail on Mac and provides users with a clean and productive environment for emails, notes, and calendars. Clearly, Boxysuite is the best desktop Gmail client, so learn more about it or try it out today!