Boxysuite as an Apple Mail Alternative

Boxysuite as an Apple Mail Alternative

Like other email services, Gmail used to be accessible only on browsers for desktops. However, as email became important for more people’s work and lives, dedicated Gmail apps also rose into popularity. 

Today, there are various email clients for Mac, with Boxysuite and Apple Mail being two of the most recognized names. Both apps are good, although differences in features and stability make one better than the other. In order to further explain, this article will compare the two clients and clarify why Boxysuite is the superior choice.

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Boxysuite vs Apple Mail: Features 

Default Email Client Option

Boxysuite is an ideal choice for a default email client. It works smoothly and is system-resources friendly—Macs won't have an issue running it. Apart from that, it handles syncing and notifications properly so that users can read/respond to messages on time. It also supports attachments and allows selecting and saving files to Google Drive with just a few clicks. After configuring in the macOS System Preferences, it will then open when sharing something through email or clicking "mailto" links. Moreover, Boxysuite supports multiple Gmail accounts and addresses with different domains (e.g.,,, eliminating the need to install another client. Also, with the Boxysuite Google Contacts app, one can compose emails right from the phonebook. 

Since Apple Mail is a stock macOS app, it can be set as the default email client. However, it won't offer the best experience due to issues and limitations. First, it's too slow to sync, and many emails won't arrive in the inbox even when manually synced multiple times. Besides that, notifications are inconsistent, meaning users might miss important emails. Next, it handles attachments, searches, and signatures poorly and doesn't allow HTML emails. Lastly, it freezes/crashes frequently and takes significant storage despite it being developed by Apple. As such, Apple Mail caches everything (drafts, emails, attachments), resulting in a large app data size, which is not ideal for prolonged usage.

Why is 
Boxysuite the Best Alternative to Apple Mail?

Boxysuite is the best among countless Apple Mail alternatives. It offers every feature of the program plus all functionalities of Gmail that aren’t available on Apple Mail. Aside from that, it retains the familiar Gmail interface, so even new users will feel at home and can get back to working right away. Even with other email services, it syncs properly and ensures all emails arrive at the correct destinations. 

When it comes to features, Boxysuite has exclusive ones that aren’t available on Apple Mail and other clients. It offers Email Tracking Detection, Reader Mode, Quick Launcher, integration with task managers, and many more. 

Boxysuite is developed/maintained by an established and reputable company, so it’s secure and updated regularly. Also, it doesn’t hog the memory (RAM) like Chrome, and it’s lightweight, unlike Apple Mail, which consumes significant storage space.

4 Reasons 
to Consider Boxysuite as Apple Mail Alternative

It Handles Gmail and Other Email Services Very Well

Boxysuite is built primarily for Gmail, so it perfectly handles the service. Aside from stability, it retains the familiar Gmail experience and all its features, including inbox filters, AI-powered search, and smart writing suggestions. However, it also handles accounts with different domains well—emails will sync on time, and messages will arrive at the correct destinations.

It's Stable and is CPU, RAM, and Battery-friendly

Boxysuite is very stable, and it won't freeze or crash like Apple Mail. It doesn't require significant memory (RAM) and CPU processing power as it's a native app and not an Electron-based website wrapper. Also, even when used heavily, Boxysuite will only create a small-sized app data folder, and it won't drain the battery.

Provides Additional Helpful Features

Aside from preserving all functions of the Gmail website, Boxysuite also has additional features. Unlike the gimmicky features of other clients, the ones from Boxysuite are actually helpful and can improve productivity and privacy. Reader Mode, Quick Launcher, and Email Tracking Detection are only a few examples of what it offers.

It Works for Both General Users and Professionals

A key reason that makes Gmail superior over other email providers is its flexibility to cater to different user types. In Boxysuite, this is also emphasized in the simplicity of the interface and access to advanced features. For casual or general users, Boxysuite's smoothness, simplicity, and customizability are very appealing. On the other hand, professionals or power users can also enable many features for automation and work. It's about having choices—something that Apple Mail is not good at currently.

How to Switch from Apple Mail to Boxysuite?

Apple Mail is too dull and buggy to appeal to regular users and too limited for pros. Besides the lack of customizability, it doesn’t have an attractive interface and likable animations, a letdown for many people. It also only has basic features, and many functions of Gmail, the most popular email service, are not accessible. In contrast, Boxysuite is very stable, customizable, pleasing to use, and feature-rich. It’s like iCloud or Apple Mail vs Gmail again, only it’s Boxysuite being better than Apple’s offering this time. 

Fortunately, an email account isn’t locked into a single app, and there’s no problem with replacing a client with a better one. If Apple Mail is limiting or hindering one’s productivity, then it’s definitely time to switch to Boxysuite. Switching from Apple’s email client to Boxysuite is straightforward, and the process is as follows:

Gmail relies on the cloud, so there is no local data that isn’t stored first in Google’s servers, except offline drafts. Accordingly, one will just have to send or sync the drafts quickly, and it will be safe to log out of Apple Mail. After that, everything will appear in Boxysuite—users can then resume working (but in a better environment) immediately.


Apple Mail has many issues and is very basic, so it’s not ideal for handling personal and work-related emails. Accordingly, Boxysuite remains the superior choice among many alternatives.

It preserves Gmail’s familiar look and optimizes everything for an even better experience. Boxysuite also supports multiple Google accounts and other email providers, offers extra features, and is system resources friendly. Most importantly, it handles Gmail perfectly and ensures correct syncing and sending of emails. 

Boxysuite is the first and only native macOS Gmail app, and it provides users with a clean working environment for emails, notes, and calendars. Clearly, Boxysuite is the best email client for Mac, so learn more or try it for free now!