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The Best Email Outreach Tools for 2022

The Best Email Outreach Tools for 2022

Even though there are now more social networks, content sharing platforms, and forums than before, email remains one of the best channels for promoting products and businesses. Aside from marketing campaigns, the technology can also help in generating leads, requesting backlinks,…

The Best Email Service Providers

The Best Email Service Providers for 2022

Compared to most legacy technologies from or before the 70s, email remains an essential part of billions of  people’s lives today. Moreover, despite the age, email is yet to undergo a significant overhaul since its  introduction. However, unlike the underlying…

Boxysuite Update: Version 2.1.6 (89)

boxysuite update

Earlier this year, we released an stable version of your favorite app and made it available for MacOs Big Sur. With the release, various issues and visual glitches were fixed. We are constantly improving Boxysuite for better efficiency and productivity.…

How to Create Mail Merge in Gmail

How to Create Mail Merge in Gmail

Mail merge is one of those features that Gmail users are not much aware about but is highly efficient and time-saving. Mail merge helps you send personalized messages to one or more recipients. You can create and send HTML emails…

Introducing Appsheet into Gmail

Integrating Appsheet into Gmail

Google is integrating Appsheet into Gmail to bring more flexibility into Google Workspace through dynamic email support. With this new feature both technical and non-technical users can build and create dynamic emails using the Appsheet. The feature will be available…

How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

Group Email in Gmail

A group email is very helpful in various occasions that includes sending email to multiple recipients including friends and families, official newsletters, sales emails, announcements, and much more. Creating different groups of emails makes it convenient to compose and send…