15 Gmail Tips for Higher Productivity in 2022

Gmail Tips for Higher Productivity

Gmail or Google Mail is a top-rated email service worldwide. Considering its reliability and capabilities, it’s  no wonder why many individuals and organizations prefer using it over others.  While Gmail is already fully functional out of the box, there are…

How to Enable and Use IMAP/POP3/SMTP on Gmail?

How to Enable and Use IMAP/POP3/SMTP for Gmail Account?

Gmail offers IMAP, POP, and SMTP protocols for non-Gmail clients that use standard SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer), through IMAP [Authenticate], POP [Auth], and SMTP [Auth] to authenticate users.  What are IMAP and POP? IMAP stands for Internet Message…

How to Block Emails in Gmail

block emails in gmail

In almost all email providers, including Gmail, spam and unwanted emails are ongoing issues. As  individuals and organizations transfer essential and sensitive information daily, filtering emails should be a  priority.  In Gmail, there are adequate controls that users can toggle…

How To Create a Gmail Account

How To Create a New Gmail Account

Gmail, or Google Mail, is the top and most popular email provider worldwide. Since it’s one of the most used email service, Google always makes sure that it looks great, reliable, provides features that powerful and useful for the users.…

The Best Calendar Apps

The Best Calendar Apps

In every platform, there is a surge of calendar and task-management applications. At a glance, you might think they’re all the same; however, when you dig deeper, you can learn about their pros and cons. Should you be meticulous in…