Enhanced menus in Google Docs Eases Findability of Key Features

Google is updating the menus in Google Docs. With this update, you can easily locate the most commonly used features. This feature will decrease the problem of not finding what you used before and spending minutes just to find that specific feature. With the new menu update you will notice:

  • Better Navigation with Shortened Menus
  • Intuitive feature location 
  • Faster recognition with Prominent Icons

Why it’s important? 

The new design update improves the findability of key features that you might have used recently, making it quicker and easier to use Docs. The existing functionality, however, won’t change with this new launch. There are features that have been reorganized, and the new menu will be intuitive to make use of and make navigation faster and easier.

Rollout Pace 

  • Expected Completion by End of May


This update is available to:

  • All Google Workspace users
  • Legacy G Suite Basic users
  • Business users
  • Personal Google Accounts 

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