Introducing Appsheet into Gmail

Google is integrating Appsheet into Gmail to bring more flexibility into Google Workspace through dynamic email support. With this new feature both technical and non-technical users can build and create dynamic emails using the Appsheet. The feature will be available for Google Workspace users and Appsheet users so that they can:

  • Build Appsheet apps that can be integrated in Gmail
  • Create and send Appsheet forms and views to Gmail users with editable data fields
  • Trigger workflows like vacation and budget approvals that uses Appsheet automation.

This feature will be the part of Google Cloud Next ’21 update.

This new feature will impact workspace admins, workspace end users, and developers.

Why to Use Appsheet in Gmail?

Appsheet is the smart way to create and deploy apps and automation without the coding knowledge. With this new feature, Google Workspace users and Appsheet users can now interact with these newly created apps without leaving their Gmail inbox. This will boost your productivity and make you more efficient saving time.

The feature is always out and you can visit your inbox to check out the changes.

Appsheet integration in Gmail is available for:

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Users
  • Appsheet users

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