Gmail Update: Google Workspace Branding Comes to Gmail

Recently, Google made Google Workspace “formerly G Suite” available free for everyone. Both personal and business accounts can now turn on the integrated Gmail features and experience an ultimate productivity with Chat and Rooms – named Spaces. 

With this update, the Google Workspace branding logo now appears on the Gmail client for web. This feature has been expanded to iOS with update version 6.0.210613 and “Google Workspace” now appears on iOS Gmail splash screen. However, various reports claim, the splash screen is visible on iPhones but not showing on iPads. This issue might soon be fixed with the next Gmail update.

The previous rectangle and two squares for Rooms are being replaced by the “Spaces” icon. 

In addition, with the update, when a user loads Gmail, the previous Gmail logo that shows the loading red bar has been replaced by Google workspace icon (both personal or business accounts) on a semi-transparent background circle.

The splash screen gives users with slower connections an option to “Load basic HTML”. This feature is not yet available in Android devices but will be available with Android 12’s splash screen enhancement. This new branding update is Google’s new approach to “Google Workspace for everyone”. The update started rolling out in April 2021, but Google made it official in July as stated by 9to5Google.

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