How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most preferred email service providers in the whole world wide web. From individuals to businesses, people use it for personal use or business purposes. There is no doubt that the features Gmail offers make it inadequately better than others. Aside from being completely free, Gmail makes it effortlessly easy to manage your emails and contacts.

However, Gmail can sometimes be annoying to use due to the large number of incoming spam emails. Spam emails fill up your inbox and you might probably lose an important email in between. You can block unwanted emails but it gets out of hand when the numbers of emails are in hundreds.

What is a Spam Email?

Spam emails are unwanted and unsolicited junk emails sent out in bulk for advertisement purposes. These emails keep coming and fill the recipient’s inbox in large volumes. These emails are typically sent by botnets which is the network of infected computers. Opening these emails can make you vulnerable to security and probably make a malicious attempt to gain access to your computer.

How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails in Gmail?

Spam emails are pretty much obvious and most often are automatically identified by the email service providers including Gmail. They are moved to the Spam folder and will remain there until you mark them as not spam. By default, Gmail deletes the emails from the spam folder after 30 days. If you want to delete these emails, you have to go to the Spam folder manually and delete them. However, with the filter mentioned below you can automatically delete spam emails from Gmail without having to pay them a visit.

1. Login to your Gmail account via

2. Go to Settings from the upper right corner. 

Go to Gmail Settings

3. On Settings, go to “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.

Go to Filter and Addresses

4. Click on “Create a New Filter”. A Pop-up box will appear.

5. Add “in: spam” without quotes in the “Has the words” field. 

Create New Filter

This will create a filter that will select all the emails labelled spam by Google. 

6. Click on the “Create Filter” button. 

Your filter is ready that will select all emails marked as spam. 

7. Select the “Delete it” option to apply a deletion function that deletes any email marked as spam.

Select Delete it

8. If you want to delete both existing and incoming spam emails, select “Also apply the filter to X matching conversations”. Here “X” denotes the number of emails in your spam folder. 

Select "Also apply filter to matching conversations"

9. Click on the “Create Filter” button to create your filter.

You have successfully created an automatic spam deletion filter that will delete all existing spam emails and any other incoming emails that are marked as spam.

You can also use this filter to automatically delete your trash filter. Just add “in: trash” without the quotes while creating the filter.

Why Do People Send Out Spam Emails?

Spam emails are often sent out with commercial intent. You can’t deny the fact that many of the businesses in 2021 are still using spam emails to advertise their products and gain traffic. The cost of sending these emails is very low and they can be sent in large volumes in batch to gain the maximum exposure. According to the latest statistics, nearly 20 billion spam emails are sent per day which is nearly 60% of the total emails. 

Are Spam Emails Dangerous?

Yes! Spam emails can be dangerous. Spam emails most often include malicious links and clicking on those links can infect your device with malwares. The best practice for safety is to not open these emails or to not click on the links attached to the email. If you accidently clicked on the link, change your Gmail password and scan your computer with anti-malware. 

Here are the most common types of Spam Emails:

  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Email Spoofing
  • Money Scams
  • Lottery Winner Scams
  • Antivirus Warning Emails

Why am I Receiving Spam Emails?

You are probably receiving Spam emails because you either subscribed to any advertisement / money laundering company or your email data was acquired by spammy websites that sent out emails to commercialize their products. Either way, you are receiving spam emails and now you need a solution to stop these emails in the future. Read on as we explain how to automatically delete spam emails in Gmail.

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  1. Setting a filter “in:spam” moves the spam message to the bin so what is the advantage? The spam is just in a different folder and will remain there for 30 days unless bin is manually emptied sooner – just as spam will remain in spam folder for 30 days unless manually emptied sooner.

  2. If you automatically delete messages from Spam do these messages disappear from your Gmail immediately or can you still find them on “Trash” before they disappear?

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